Workwear manufacturer for creators battling in work chairs.

The beautiful silhouette of slacks when standing, the comfort of sitting in relaxing wear, and even the toughness of jeans, all are in this pair of bottoms.

How many hours do you work sitting at your desk every day? Does the pair of slacks, dress, or skirt you wear during this time possess the qualities required for these long hours?

At no time since the dawn of history has work in the 'sitting' position been so common. However, bottoms — pressed between the body and chair for sustained periods of time — have neither evolved since slacks were born nor since jeans were developed, in terms of functionality.

TEÄTORA is a workwear brand for modern creators. Redesigning the concept of bottoms. Researching the environments of modern creators.

Reimagining the relationship between the human body and the work chair.

Our pursuit of refined design and ultimate comfort led to introduction of completely new bottoms.