STEVE MONO,來自西班牙當代皮件品牌。由Gonzalo Fonseca於2007年創立,原本為平面設計師的Gonzalo以小型皮件製品起家,爾後受到地中海一帶藝術家旅人們啟發,轉為發展鞋履。 該品牌受到西班牙文化,旅遊,藝術,實用工具,電影以及對老式物件欣賞的影響。重點是為旅人之身的藝術家們而言必不可少的生活物品,沈穩優雅的線條、永恆且實用和可持續的。

STEVE MONO is a contemporary Spanish brand founded in 2007 on the idea of reinterpretating classic sandals, shoes, bags, and other small leather goods for a modern lifestyle.

Influenced by spanish culture, travels, art, utility, and an appreciation for the old, we continue to focus on designing essential items for everyday and every journey.

Every collection is timeless, functional and sustainable.